Beats Sahara Westone





All IEM Cables comes at a standard length of 1.2m

.Beats Sahara Westone
Thời lượng Tất cả IEM Cáp đi kèm với một tiêu chuẩn chiều dài 1,2 m. Khả năng tương thích Socket cho M này ..

Compatibility Socket for this Model : Westone


This refers to the sockets from the cable to your earphones. You can select it from our choices of: UM Custom, JH Custom, UE Custom, UE TF10, Sennheiser IE8, Sony EX1000, Shure SE535. For EX1000 connectors, customers would have to provide the original cable so we can cut out the original connectors for this new cable. If you have any other earphones with detachable cables, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Audio Jack:

ViaBlue 3.5mm Jack


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